Hotel rooms in Japan are known to be compact. But it is a wonder of Japanese architecture in how they manage to squeeze all things essential into a tiny space.

It's also hard to discuss Tokyo without touching on all things weird and wonderful about the city, which extends to its hotels.

Here are some top choices, depending on your budget or interest.

Budget to Business (less than $200 a night)

If a no-frills room is your basic requirement, then why not opt for a Japanese business hotel?

There are plenty of value-for-money business hotel chains in Japan, which even offer a simple buffet breakfast to boot.

But do note that many of these hotels charge at a rate of per person per night, and not per room, so don't be caught by surprise.

According to a 2016 Japanese magazine ranking, the top 5 business hotel chains in Japan are: Richmond Hotel, Dormy Inn, Super Hotel, Daiwa Roynet and Comfort Hotel.

Here are our picks for some others that are not on the list:

E Hotel Higashi Shinjuku

Sure, the standard double room is teeny-tiny at 12sqm, but it is fine if you're a solo traveller

What can't be beat is having the subway station (Higashi Shinjuku) literally right at your doorstep, and the low price (less than $200 per night for two persons).

Being on the outskirts of Kabuki-Cho (Tokyo's red light district), also guarantees that there's lots of good food nearby. Not to worry though, the area is safe, even for solo female travellers.

2-3-15 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0021 Japan


Tokyu Stay Hotels

If you require a washing machine and microwave oven inside your room, booking Tokyu Stays is ideal.

With 17 branches around Tokyo, there’s no lack of choices.

The hotel is clean, comfortable and you'll find no lack of amenities. The breakfast spread is also decent.

If you do stay at the Ikebukuro branch, don't miss the Unagi (grilled eel) restaurant just across the street.

Click here for more info
Quirky and affordable

Hotel Gracery Shinjuku

If you're a fan of Godzilla, you'll not pass up the chance to stay at this Godzilla-themed hotel, which offers a room with a Godzilla view, or should we say, where the 12m-tall Godzilla will have a good look at you.

However, it costs extra to have the iconic beast peer into your room, which would be those on the 8th floor.

If that's not your thing, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku still offers a choice location with good amenities (Shiseido toiletries is a plus). Not to mention the views from the 22-30 floors of the skyscraper where the hotel is located.

1-19-1 Kabukicho, Shijuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8466 Japan

+81 3 6833 1111

Henn na Hotel (i.e. 'Strange Hotel')

Good news for those who hate interacting with people at the check-in counter. Because this hotel is staffed by dinosaurs - robot dinosaurs, to be exact.

The second and latest hotel to open is located near Tokyo Disneyland, which could be an interesting choice, especially for those with children.

Make your reservations here.

279-0043 Tokyo Prefecture, Fujimi 5-3, Japan

+81 47-316-2828

Book and Bed Hotel

Photo: Agoda
Only bookworms need apply. If you love being surrounded by books, and your dream job is to be a librarian, this may just be the place for you.

Listed among the best hotels in Tokyo by UK's Telegraph, Book and Bed offers 'bookshelf beds' for guests to rest their heads.

Similar to a capsule hotel, you can only afford to sit or lay down in your bunk bed. One tip is to opt for the Standard sized bed (120cm by 200cm), and not the Compact (80cm by 200cm). At least there'll be space for your books and belongings.

Guests can pay 500 yen (S$6) for a white cotton Muji-style bag containing small bottles of Thai shampoo, conditioner and body wash, plus a white bath towel.

If you just want a spot to rest for the day, it costs just 1,500 yen (S$19) between 1pm to 7pm.

171-0021 Tokyo Prefecture, Toshima-ku Ikebukuro 1-17-7 Lumiere Buld. 7F

+81 03 6914 2914

Luxury (More than $300 a night)

Loft apartments by Luxe Nomad

If apartment-style living is your thing, you might want to consider loft residences by The Luxe Nomad in the popular district of Shibuya.

For the price of less than $400 a night during the low season, a full apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a kitchenette and living area is yours.

All apartments also come with free portable WiFi with unlimited usage.

Book online here.

Tokyo Station Hotel

The top-rated Tokyo Station hotel is by no means affordable to most, ranging at an average of $800 per night.

However, you can snag it for almost half the price at about $480 a night on some hotel booking sites, which is a steal for the value.

What makes it worth paying for? According to online reviews on TripAdvisor, the historical hotel (akin to Singapore's Raffles Hotel) located within a train station scored top marks in almost all categories - service, rooms, food and location.

1 Chome-9-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0005

+81 3-5220-1111

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